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Response to “House Churches”

This is a blog response for a post that was put up back in November. GDB has been out of commission for a while so we have a lot of catching up to do. You can’t find the original post on rough-hewn blog. It is written by David Hoopingarner and you can follow this link to get to it,

First off I want to say that I am extremely blessed to have read the article. It is great to see that there are other people out there who share my passion for ministry and my ideas for discipleship. The one thing that is driving me crazy is that I have never been to a house church before. I wouldn’t quite call what we do at GDB to be a house church but we do meet weekly to talk about our faith, grow in fellowship, and enjoy the company of friends, family and the Lord.

We at GDB have seen first hand the incredible positive affects of this kind of group and my favorite portion of the article “House Churches” talks about something that we have been trying to get at for a long time, the alienation of new coming Christians within the mainstream evangelical churches. David talks about going to new churches and sitting in rows, “… politely waiting for the service to be over.” It might seem ridiculous for me to rhetorically ask if that’s the kind of service we want to be having but it is constantly the kind that we are putting out there. The personal relationship between the pastor and his congregation often ends abruptly at a handshake.

It really makes me sad to know that for most of my life I have experienced this kind of relationship with my pastor. Until just recently when I moved from Colorado to Arizona I knew my pastor as, “The preacher man that talks loud on Sundays.” When I transitioned to the new church I realized that I had a much more personal connection with my pastor. We go shooting and talk about guns, and then stop to get coffee and discuss theology. This kind of relationship has definitely caused incredible changes in the way I view how a church ought to be run.

I’m extremely excited to see that David is on the same page with GDB and hope to have more exchanges with him in the future. If you haven’t checked out his blog then you definitely should and make sure to check in with GDB next week for our continuation of “The Bible is Not a Text Book.”




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Pointing Fingers in the Right Place

Does anybody have the courage to ask themselves the hard questions in life?  Presently I have gone back and forth in my own mind if I am even asking myself the hard questions that would truly improve my walk with the Lord. For example, all people have issues with different areas of their life and can choose certain ways to handle these issues.  One issue that many individuals are having when it comes to the Christian culture is the church.  Instead of church being a place of community, fellowship, and worship it has become a place that individuals make themselves feel better for being a Christian at least one day a week.  All of a sudden church has become a check on our to-do list instead of a group of people coming together to love one another and live life together, which Jesus has called us to do.

I was recently involved in a debate between friends and new acquaintances. It really got me thinking about the real truth behind people seeing what church is to them. A few of the people around the table were bible college students, pastors, and people hurt by the church growing up that lead them elsewhere in their beliefs.  Of course the topic of religion and Christianity came up and the conversation was heated.  From this debate I learned more about the church and the different ways church has made an impact on people.  Anytime people are involved in a church, individuals are going to get hurt, it’s just inevitable.  I found myself stuck in-between two sides of the debate.  There was the “on fire” Christians who are highly involved in the church and the non-churchgoers who have been hurt by the church early on in life.  I am familiar with both side of the debate (not just knowledgeable about both sides but experienced both sides) but really listening to the context of the conversation I came to a conclusion.

Nobody is asking the hard questions!  The debate was continually going in circles because nobody wanted to offend anyone on a personal level.  The only personal question that sparked a thought in my mind was asked by the individuals who were hurt by the church, “Do you really live the way Jesus wants you to live?”  Now to the Christians at the table the answer was textbook.  It sounded something like this; “I strive everyday to glorify God but will never be perfect because of the presence of sin in our lives”.  Good answer, but it really doesn’t help our cause as Christians.  The people who are hurt by the church or dislike the church still think we are hypocrites. This brings me to the question that should have been asked by the “on fire” Christians. Instead of turning away from the church, why didn’t you take on the challenge of showing others in the church that the life they are living is not honouring to God? Instead of turning away from the church, why join all the people who live to the world’s standards?  If you are hurt so badly by a group of people than why did you let them win?

There is a passage in the Bible that comes to mind when I need to get my thoughts back on track.  Proverbs 4:4-5: “Then he taught me and said to me, ‘Let your heart hold fast my words; Keep my commandments and live; Acquire wisdom! Acquire understanding! Do not forget nor turn away from the words of my mouth’”. Sometimes we come up with our own opinions and understanding about the way we should live our life, instead of focusing on the true understanding and wisdom of God.  The hard question that I need to ask is “Have I been in a daily walk with the Lord, or am I foolishly leaning on my own understanding?”

No matter where you are at in your life, please take a step back and ask the hard questions.  Even if it has nothing to do with religion, we always take the easy way out in life and just blame others for things that happened to us.  Who cares if others hurt you or me, if you truly want to take the next step in life, do something about it!  Stop pointing fingers at others and point it at you first.  You may find the answer you are looking for and it might just change your life.



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Life Sucks, but don’t worry


     There is an idea in our Christian culture that if we continue to follow Jesus Christ in our  daily lives then our life will be filled with joy.  But what if God calls you to live a life that is  full of hurt and disappointment? How about going through life and never making enough  money to pay the bills?  Maybe never to get married or have children? Having to grow up  in a horrible family situation? What if your life is going to be the biggest pile of shit ever?  Serving the Lord all of a sudden doesn’t look so joyful. This thought has been racing  through my mind for the last few months.  There are many Christians around the world  that live in these situations everyday and continue to serve the Lord diligently.  Then on  the other hand, many Christians are blessed in so many ways.  Is there something wrong  with the believers who live in a shit hole, and the blessed people are better Christians? Does God play favorites? Does God even have a plan for every Christian?

You probably have already asked these same questions over and over again. Now I’m not here to answer these questions because I don’t know the answers.  I’m sure I could go on and on about some theological view and bring up a bunch of bible verses that show God is full of grace, mercy, and compassion.  We have heard it all before that we need to trust in God and everything will work out.  This leads me to another question: Does God have any sympathy for his follows beyond the cross? Now I’m not God obviously but part of me thinks that God doesn’t have much sympathy for His followers. Now I say this because WE GET TO GO TO HEAVEN!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! Who cares if your life on earth is going to be as if you are swimming in an infinite pool of cow shit.  You get to spend an eternity with the creator who showed grace, mercy and compassion on the CROSS. He sacrificed His son for you and not just you but Jesus died for everyone. I think that is plenty of love. Perfect love.

Now I know God shows grace, mercy, and compassion in other ways as well.  I am just so tired of people getting it in their minds that God will bless them if they live a life worthy of our Lord.  Everyone needs to get it through their think heads that nobody will live a life worthy of God, now let me repeat, NOBODY WILL LIVE A LIFE WORTHY OF GOD.  Jesus did all of that for us!!!  I believe that as long as our hearts desire is to glorify God then no matter how life works out, we will be greeted at the gates of heaven with the most loving arms our minds can’t even imagine.  My encouragement to everyone is that no matter if your life is horrible or full of blessings; God gave us all a gift that can never be matched.  Don’t beat yourself, because God beat himself up for you.  Keep living diligently for the Lord, it pays off in the end.

~K.R. Morris


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