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Church… What’s Happening?

Religious Addiction Part 2

Attention: If you have not read “You have got to be kidding me?” (Religious Addiction Part 1) read it first!  This may not make any sense if you are not familiar with my prior blog entry. This is a Part 2!

I finished part 1 of this topic talking about rules and traditions that people in the church have come up with to help them in there walks with the Lord.  There was a time and place for these rules and traditions.  Time has passed and now we need to move on with new methodologies. What I call “religious addiction” occurs among Christians who fail to see a shift in culture.  Unfortunately, these Christians are leaders in the church and are dragging down the entire congregation in the process.  The teachings of these leaders continue to tell people the “right and wrongs” of the Bible, which is total bullshit.

If the church continues to teach that; sex is BAD, alcohol is a sin, rated “R” movies lead to sinful life, life will be great if you trust in God, tattoos are from Satan, and any other made up rule that goes against the teachings of the true leader of the church, Jesus Christ.  A television evangelist named Pat Robertson on the 700 Club (who is unfamiliar with cultural shifts and part of a generation that continues to push the younger generation away from church) has been giving prime examples of made up doctrine and rules that are not biblical at all.  His latest nonsense suggested that if you are married to a person with Alzheimer’s then that is a biblical reason for divorce (I literally wanted to punch myself in the face).  Sorry Pat Robertson but I think you have Alzheimer’s, or you think you are some kind of Pope for evangelical Christians that receives new revelation from God. There are only two ways in which a divorce can happen and that is adultery and death of a spouse. Another claim that Pat Robertson made on television was that hurricane Katrina was sent by God because of all the gay people in American.  I don’t even need to explain how stupid this is.  I am embarrassed to be a Christian; it makes me beyond angry to hear things such as this on national television.  This stuff needs to change.

For those of you who have a problem going to church because of other Christians who have been sucked into religious addiction, I am right there with you.  Church in America today is on a path of destruction.  If the church continues to put wrongful ideas in our heads then there are two paths Christians will choose.  One path is to fall into religious addiction; these people will feel too guilty to leave the church and live a life of shame based on false teaching.  The second path will lead people totally away from the church and they will never be able to trust church leaders ever again.  We have a huge problem!

I wish I could finish up this blog post with joyful news about some progress we have made with religious addiction and false teaching.  Churches in America need to recognize this issue but it’s not happening.  One thing we can all agree on is that more and more youth and young adults are walking away from the church.  There is a problem in Christian culture today and it runs deeper than we can imagine.  My hope is that the church in America doesn’t fall into the same issues that have plagued most, if not all, countries in Europe (possibly around the world as well).  Let’s start changing our character as Christians and not living our lives based on actions.

 ~ K R Morris

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You Have Got to be Kidding Me!!!

(Religious Addiction Part 1)

I’m sure that most of us have been involved in someones life or heard stories of others addicted to a substance (drugs, alcohol, sex, ect.). When I see situations such as these my heart breaks and I cant image the struggle these people are going through. But this isn’t the type of addiction I want to address. There are many types of addictions in this world that are not recognized or even discounted from the realm of addictions. The addiction that I feel effects our culture more than any other is Religious Addiciton.
Know let me explain what I mean by Religious Addiction. You might be asking yourself if that is even possible but I warn you that its more serious we can imagine. I even fear that it is one of the main reasons for turmoil that occurs in our Christian culture today and is pushing a younger generation away from local churches. Generation after generation, all the way back to the beginning of the church, we have looked at the teachings of our Lord to guide us in our everyday lives. From those teachings we came up with ideas, mindsets, and traditions to help us. Now don’t get me wrong Im not bashing any of the past ideas to live a life that pleases God but I am concerned that we wont recognize that these ideas, mindsets, and traditions will need to change with time.

Culture plays a huge role in our Christian lives and culture will always shift as time goes on. When reading the bible its widely known that its extremely important to look at the context of the passage. Part of that context is culture and we need to see how people back in the Bible days would have interpreted these teachings. Once we understand the culture and interpretation during there time, we can know bring that teaching into our time and culture for reevaluation. Not changing any doctrine but taking that doctrine and applying it to our everyday lives.

This process has been in use since the beginning of time and during times of a culture shift people hold on to the ways of past methods. Now this is when religious addiction starts to form. Most of the time when an addiction is forming in ones life its because of some event that is life altering. In the case of religious addiction there is a shift in church culture or culture in general. Let us use the simple example of drinking alcohol. The past few generations of the church have made the consumption of alcohol known as a way of rebellion against the church and against God. I do not believe this was the initial idea behind that fact that alcohol should not be used but it made sense to Christians that it may not be honoring to God to be involved in this act. Is this act wrong? NO! May I say this agian. HELL NO! For all those people out there that think Jesus turned water into grape juice, you are living in a fantasy world. The consumption of alcohol was a cultural custom in the days of the Bible. Drinking alcohol is not wrong but abusing alcohol and getting drunk is.

The mindset of the church todays still says that the consumption of alcohol is wrong whether people want to admit it or not. Pastors and leaders in the church are made to sign agreements that do not allow them to drink alcohol and Christian colleges make students over 21 years of age sign a contract that they will not consume alcohol during there time in college. This is the start of a religious addiction at its simplest form. The church says not to do something and people end up doing it anyway. Guilt and shame sink in, which leads to a state of depression. From this depression it leads to a recommitment to not drink at all and the individual will spend more time serving in the church to make up for what they did. Then it is obvious about what happens next, the cycle starts all over again. Now let me remind you that drinking is not a sin but by putting an unnessasary rule or method in place it creates a mindset that says if we break a rule made by the church we need to work off our wrong doing. This act of service then becomes ungenuine and the believers heart is not focusing on God but to please an unbiblical rule made by man. I believe that this leads to a dark place in a believers life and from this more sin will occur.

Let me leave you with one question: How many times have you felt judgement from the church because you did something wrong according to them?

~ K.R. Morris

Part 2 of Religious Addiction Coming Soon!

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