Our GodDam Purpose

Not Theology but Methodology

“GodDam” is a term that represents the walls that the church has built over time that were meant to help explain the way Christians should live out our daily lives. Recently we have describe this way of living as “being sold out for God” or “on fire for the Lord”. Instead of living this way we have sold out ourselves to tradition and been selfishly on fire for religion (nothing wrong with tradition but when that is our main focus thats when we have a problem). Throughout history the church has gone through many transformations. Historically every 500 years there has been a shake up in the church or a break in the dam of the Christian culture. The next 500 years is right now and God is making his presence known. This crack in the dam of our Christian culture is the lost generation that is being pushed away by the methods of the church. More and more everyday people are leaving local churches, not because they no longer believe in Jesus Christ but the methods in which past generations feel the church should continue to work. Right now is a new time and a new culture! We must recognize this transformation and reevaluate the methods in which we live out the call of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Not theology but methodology. Our purpose is NOT to change biblical doctrine but to evaluate the methods in which we live out our calling as believers in Jesus Christ. Theology and biblical interpretation are both systems that men created to explain the teachings of God, and we will continue to reevaluate these systems. Looking at biblical doctrine, theology, and biblical interpretation we will strive to ask questions, change methods and mind sets, impact Christian culture, and revive the lost generation.

Our vision is to impact Christian culture through prayer, scripture, and asking the tough questions. Our blog posts will consistently challenge the minds and hearts of our readers. To make it aware to other believers that there is a lost generation and make known some of the reasons for this gap in our Christian culture. If nothing else, it is to help others and the writers of this blog to grow in our relationships with other believers and in our walk with Jesus Christ.


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