Is God Logical?

05 Dec

Lets get straight to the point.  All of us cling to traditions that were part of our lives growing up and now some of us are challenging those traditions.  Whether these traditions are religious or just other ways to live out life.  I’m going to attempt to add to what James was saying about looking at the Bible and reality.  I’m going to add culture to the equation (which is part of biblical interpretation) and try to help us all understand this difficult cluster of life’s crap we are all trying to balance out.

First, let me make clear that I believe all of God’s decisions are logical.  Lets not forget that we are merely human and God created logic and reason (if you believe in a God).  In life we all experience moments that seem so illogical to us that it must be certain that God forgot what he was doing.  This brings us to ask questions about religion, God, the Bible, eternity, or whatever we put our faith in.  God wants us to ask question and use the brain he gave us to grow in our faith and challenge ourselves as well as others. If we just go through life never questioning our own beliefs than shame on us.

Now that we have gotten to the point of questioning our belief system, as Christians we look to the Bible first.  We look to the Bible to find answers. Guess what? Most of the time we find the answers we are looking for.  The problem is that we find answers that we want to hear and stop there. Again shame on all of us for doing this (I’m including myself).  This is where bad traditions in the church and the “Christian life” come from and start to screw everything up.  We misinterpret the Bible and create a belief based on false foundations.

As Christians we distort reality or distort the Bible to fit our liking.  I became a writer of this blog to stop this from happening.  I’m sick of the “Christian life” and living the way the church tells me to live.  These ways of living are distorted and have created so much turmoil among the Christian community it makes me beyond angry.

Now this is where culture needs to get added to the equation.  The reality is that culture changes and since the Bible was written culture has changed a lot (that is an understatement).  I will use slavery for an example since it was used in previous comments on the last post.  Slavery in the Bible never seems to be a problem or a sin but we choose as American Christians that slavery is wrong. I totally agree with the previous statement and I’m sure most people do.  This is a great example of Christians using their own brains and questioning their beliefs.  The problem is that we stop using our brains when defining the correct way to live out our lives as believers in Christ.

I want to challenge Christians to reevaluate their traditions, church culture, and walk with Jesus.  Actually read the Bible for what it is and keep it in context.  See how the Bible can work in today’s reality and culture.  Talk to people with a different belief system and learn more about life outside the church and Christianity.  Question ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.  I also want to challenge people of others beliefs to share your ideas, thoughts, and beliefs.  Share with us how you perceive Christians and dialog with us.  The GodDamblog Team wants to here everyone’s thoughts.

~K.R. Morris

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4 responses to “Is God Logical?

  1. brianlamew

    December 5, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    I think it is important to wrestle with why we believe what we believe. I also appreciate the fact that we get to stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us. I have really enjoyed reading many of the great theologians of old.

    Blessings, (Love for you to check out my blog)

  2. Ray

    December 5, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    I like your point on how we look for answers in the bible and stop when we find something we like. It sort of goes back to what James said about reality informing your biblical interpretation rather than trying to come up with an interpretation which informs reality.

  3. Janelle

    December 21, 2011 at 12:31 am

    It is such a relief to read this blog. I have been aching for this type of “logical” discussion and to connect with others who believe in God and who are willing to use their God-given intellect to think through life, to evaluate biblical principles with current culture and balance the two to live a godly life in this crazy world.

    In my particular situation, people have being using God as a way to enforce their perspectives on me. So many times these people are grabbing verses from the Bible, not taking into consideration the specific context, and use it against me or to question my actions. Nothing specific has been in question, just general, broad points like “is this God’s best” and “is this God’s will.”

    I’m so frustrated, it’s hard to put into words

    I honestly do not believe that my life style is in conflict with my relationship with God. I have studied the Bible a lot and have learned so much, but when it comes to specific decisions in life, I don’t believe that we can find those specific answers in the Bible (e.g. is this specific career path or relationship the right one, that answer won’t be in the Bible). I believe that there a infallible principles in all of Scripture, but it is up to us and our personal relationship with God to determine what that means and how to take those principles and apply it to our lives in our current culture.

    It seems that this way of living for God is not supported in mainstream Christianity, but that you do what everyone else does and if you don’t, then you are not doing it right, even if it isn’t a sin issue, but just a life or everyday decision.

    Thanks for the post, looking forward to further discussions.

    • James

      December 21, 2011 at 11:18 pm

      Thanks for stopping by Janelle,
      It is for people like you that this blog was created. I was really feeling alone in my understanding of Scripture and felt like I was the only person out there that had the questions that I had. When I started to find others like myself I wanted to expand the community and I now feel much less like a one man army. Progressive Christianity is no small group of people. It’s much larger than most people think and being part of a community that supports thinking through the tough questions is really awesome. Glad you could join us. Be encouraged. You’re not alone.


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