Life Sucks, but don’t worry

12 Sep


     There is an idea in our Christian culture that if we continue to follow Jesus Christ in our  daily lives then our life will be filled with joy.  But what if God calls you to live a life that is  full of hurt and disappointment? How about going through life and never making enough  money to pay the bills?  Maybe never to get married or have children? Having to grow up  in a horrible family situation? What if your life is going to be the biggest pile of shit ever?  Serving the Lord all of a sudden doesn’t look so joyful. This thought has been racing  through my mind for the last few months.  There are many Christians around the world  that live in these situations everyday and continue to serve the Lord diligently.  Then on  the other hand, many Christians are blessed in so many ways.  Is there something wrong  with the believers who live in a shit hole, and the blessed people are better Christians? Does God play favorites? Does God even have a plan for every Christian?

You probably have already asked these same questions over and over again. Now I’m not here to answer these questions because I don’t know the answers.  I’m sure I could go on and on about some theological view and bring up a bunch of bible verses that show God is full of grace, mercy, and compassion.  We have heard it all before that we need to trust in God and everything will work out.  This leads me to another question: Does God have any sympathy for his follows beyond the cross? Now I’m not God obviously but part of me thinks that God doesn’t have much sympathy for His followers. Now I say this because WE GET TO GO TO HEAVEN!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! Who cares if your life on earth is going to be as if you are swimming in an infinite pool of cow shit.  You get to spend an eternity with the creator who showed grace, mercy and compassion on the CROSS. He sacrificed His son for you and not just you but Jesus died for everyone. I think that is plenty of love. Perfect love.

Now I know God shows grace, mercy, and compassion in other ways as well.  I am just so tired of people getting it in their minds that God will bless them if they live a life worthy of our Lord.  Everyone needs to get it through their think heads that nobody will live a life worthy of God, now let me repeat, NOBODY WILL LIVE A LIFE WORTHY OF GOD.  Jesus did all of that for us!!!  I believe that as long as our hearts desire is to glorify God then no matter how life works out, we will be greeted at the gates of heaven with the most loving arms our minds can’t even imagine.  My encouragement to everyone is that no matter if your life is horrible or full of blessings; God gave us all a gift that can never be matched.  Don’t beat yourself, because God beat himself up for you.  Keep living diligently for the Lord, it pays off in the end.

~K.R. Morris


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8 responses to “Life Sucks, but don’t worry

  1. stayingalivemoma

    September 14, 2011 at 11:11 pm

    I have asked myself some of these questions so many times. I watch the news and everyday I’m in tears. Why did that baby get murdered by its own parent? Why did that child murder their parents? Why are these women having babies if they don’t really want them? Is God even listening to me? I look forward to reading more of your material.

  2. Katie

    November 10, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    I don’t understand why living eternally is so much more attractive than nonexistence. If I simply stop existing when I die, then I won’t even know. It’ll just be over, and I won’t have any opinion one way or the other. Living eternally is weird because some people apparently have to suffer eternally, like the people who simply can’t muster up the faith to believe in God even if they want to. There are too many nuances to the theory of eternity that make me feel weird. I like nonexistence more.

  3. K.R.Morris

    November 14, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Katie, I like what you are saying about the difference between living eternally and nonexistence. I would have to point out that from a biblical perspective people wont suffer for eternity because “Hell” will be destroyed at some point along with everyone in it. So non-existance still exists for the unbeliever in Christianity after Jesus comes back to establish His kingdom on earth. At the same time I do understand the draw of knowing that when someone dies they just do not exist. It does to a point sound comforting because you wont exist anymore and there is nothing to worry about.

    It does get kind of hairy when we talk about people who just wont or don’t believe in God. From my view I believe that everyone can live eternally and it does not take much faith in God at all. I really don’t think my faith is better that anyone else’s faith in God. I doubt and question the existence of God all the time but I feel thats what we are suppose to do. Im glad you are questioning and challenging Christianity and at the same time I hope you question and challenge the beliefs you have now on that same pedestal.

  4. Micah

    November 22, 2011 at 12:50 am

    God never promised his followers an easy road. The rain falls on the man whose house is built on a rock and also the man who’s house is built on sand. I seriously doubt Paul was happy when he was starving in prison. He was probably lonely, physically hurt, and maybe even feeling abandoned by God. But I do think there is a great difference between the human emotions I just described and the joy that comes only from God. I do not always experience this joy, but I have before. And the times I have, there is no other worldly thing that can compare to it.

    I disagree with the notion that nonexistence could be more attractive then eternal life. Before I was born history happened. Men did great and terrible things, times of peace and times of genocide. Its not that I had no worries or problems because I was unaware of them, I had no worries or problems because I did not exist. I had no opportunity to make a mark in history. No opportunity to love a friend, child, or woman. No opportunity to help someone in need or do to something horrible. Think about the history of the world. Any point in time happens only once for all eternity. Let me rephrase that, the 30 seconds it has taken you to read this far are completely unique in the entire history of the world, and for the future. They will never happen again. How amazing is it that we have been given the right to experience time, time that has never happened before and will never happen again.I don’t know about you but I would much rather have the opportunity to experience this unique place and time then to never have even existed, or to fall into non-existence after.

    I view eternity in a similar fashion. One could argue that eternity or infinity implies that time does not exist. And it may not, I am not really talking about that. But I mean to say that our experiences in Heaven or Hell, could be similar to Earth, in the sense that a moment is unique and a privilege to be part of (even if there are infinite moments to be had). That seems much more attractive to me then the nullspace I was living in before I began.

    • James

      November 22, 2011 at 11:06 am

      Really interesting insight bro, I like it. I’m curious to hear Katie’s take on this idea.

      For me the idea of eternity is exciting and daunting at the same time. The concept that time goes on forever just makes my brain hurt but when you pair it down and think about it moment by moment, sure you have the good and the bad, but existence is more desirable to me than non-existence.

      Thanks for that insight.

  5. Chris

    November 22, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Very interesting comments here. It is interesting to think about the fact that what if Christians are wrong? What if there really is nothing after we die? What if there is no hell? What if there is no heaven? But what if there is a heaven and hell? I want to live my life not betting that these places exist, but knowing that they exist because of what God has done & shown me throughout my life. If you know me at all, you know that I have been through some “stuff.” The simple fact that I am still on this spinning rock in the vast universe is a miracle in itself that had to have come from God. No one goes through their life with all their own experiences without asking themselves “Why am I here?”
    Everyone has experiences & at the end of the day it is up to us to decyfer why we have certain experiences in our life that make us stop in our tracks & wonder how we ever got through it all. I’m not claiming to be a “know it all” even in the smallest way but experiences teach us something about ourselves that no one can teach us. I believe God wants us to experience the good and the bad in life so that we may see how much we need Him leading our life.

    • James

      November 23, 2011 at 10:33 am

      Hey Chris,

      Thanks for the comment and I totally understand where you are coming from. I am going to play devils advocate with you for a bit though. In your comment you talked a lot about experience being the driving force behind faith but experience can be deceiving. You can’t believe in God, heaven, hell, etc. because you “feel it” or because it’s a miracle your still alive. You might be feeling a stiff breeze or the burrito that you had for lunch. And it’s very possible that the miracle is actually luck, or chance. To base your faith on something as subjective as an experience is slightly naive. (I’m not attaching you cause I know you and I know you don’t have a completely experiential faith, remember devils advocate)
      Experience is powerful but it can’t be the only thing present. I kinda like how Wesley looked at this. He said that our outlook or view on life, theology, etc. should come from equal consideration in 4 categories. Scripture, Tradition, Reason, and Experience. I like this balance because it challenges us to find balance between experience, which can be clouded by emotion, and reason. It also reminds us to not forget the past and those that have gone before us. Then as Christians we want to look to the Bible to make sure that what it says matches with what the other three have said. If they match up, sweet. If they don’t, it’s time for some detective work because we are either reading the book wrong or understanding experience, reason, and tradition wrong.

      • Chris

        November 23, 2011 at 11:57 am

        Well yeah obviously faith cannot be based off of experience, but experience is a good tool to use & add in when personaly sharing your faith with a non christian. That’s all I was saying. I was giving a response to the comments before mine. If anyone’s sick of seeing teens & adults basing their faith on “feelings” involved with worshiping God, its me. Feelings dont last & if faith is based off of feelings then it will dissapear just like the feelings that come & go.
        My faith is personal. It’s based off of a personal relationship with the God of the bible. I’ve looked at a lot of other religions at certain points in my life & nothing makes more sense to me logically then believing that the God of the Bible put us here & has a plan for our lives. Spiritually God has touched my life in magnificant ways & His Word is what I hold dear to my heart. He has grace and mercy upon our lives when we don’t deserve it. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith…” That’s what my belief in the God of the bible is based off of, not just experience.


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